point of sale systems

1.Quick Sales and Food Orders

This intuitive user-friendly touch screen is efficient and straight forward with permission driven features throughout. Both quick sales and food orders are processed quickly and accurately, saving your business time and money.


  • Clutter free screen is fully customisable to suit individual business needs and requirements.
  • Prompt controls, assists personnel during the ordering process ensuring efficient service.
  • Overlapping clerks ID feature will enhance speed of sales
  • The tabs feature enables personnel to up-sell through multiple orders; one single payment can be accepted for multiple orders. It permits the customers to pay for their bill when they are leaving. An initial pre-defined tab limit can be set up.
  • The round repeat feature encourages up-selling and overall customer satisfaction.
  • Orders can be viewed and tracked via the receipt look-up function.
  • Split bill option available for customers, saving time and frustration on manually calculating amounts.
  • Threshold spending can be viewed and analysed.
  • Cover count, separates children count ensuring all meals are accounted for.

2.3D Table Mapping

The 3D mapping feature ensures you have an easy to use table management system. It provides a high level view of table service activity at the glance of a screen from anywhere in your business.


  • Status of tables can be viewed through a colour coded method
  • Alarm trigger management, ensures all tables are being served promptly and efficiently
  • Ease of use for transferring or merging tables throughout the premises
  • Exception reporting capabilities – waste, voids and many more

3.Third Party Integrations

JBM|Merit offers the capability of extending your systems functionality through a number of partnerships with third party companies. These partnerships are carefully chosen to offer our customers the choice of secure, reliable and competitive services. Our systems offer links to Integrated Credit Card Processing, Property Management Systems, Online Ordering, Table Reservation and Accounting systems.


  • Integration between our POS systems and other integrations mentioned above will allow for full continuity which will provide end to end seamless operations.
  • High level of accuracy when tendering off a bill via the integrated card terminal.
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