Ordering Devices

1.Tablet Ordering Device

This is the professional paper-free way to take food and drinks orders. The software for the app and tablet devices has been designed and developed specifically for the hospitality industry.


  • The tablet ordering device will increase the speed of orders and decrease labour costs. It is proven to decrease unnecessary traffic to the kitchen.
  • With a tap on the screen, orders are recorded and processed straight to the production areas.
  • Ensures the items ordered through the handhelds are processed and therefore paid for.

2.Visual order displays

The Visual Order Display (VOD) is an interactive screen for production areas, such as the kitchen or the coffee dock. As orders are placed in the system they appear on the VOD panel screen in the sequence they have been placed. An audible indication is available to notify production staff of a new order arrival.


  • Voids, call aways and rushed orders are clearly identified by different colour borders.
  • The VOD will warn the production area of orders which have exceeded pre-programmed system times with coloured indicator to ensure top quality service is provided to the customers.
  • The VOD consolidates a list of live orders – totalling items on order to one side of the panel. This will ensure the production area is running efficiently at all times.

3.Online Ordering Module

Online and mobile phone ordering will enable your customers to place an order from your menu, from the ease and comfort of their home or office. This is done simply by visiting your website, viewing the menu, placing an order and have it sent and printed to their selected branch. It’s simple and efficient.


  • Fulfil customer’s orders from beyond the walls of your current locations.
  • Customer places an order at any time during the day and request where and what time they want their food collected or delivered.

4.Self Service Kiosk

With our efficient self service kiosks, the ordering process is made simple. It enables the customer to go through the process in their own time. Little or no additional assistance is required, due to the intelligent audible prompted order service.


  • Self-service kiosks offer the opportunity to up-sell. When presented with a range of optional extras, many customers will choose to buy more than they would have otherwise.
  • Self-service kiosks can significantly reduce queues, making the ordering process much more satisfying for customers.
  • The self service kiosk facilitates the use of credit/debit card integrations.
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