JBM MERIT intelligent epos solutions provide a Global Leading Hotel Management Solution, called Optima, in over 2000 properties worldwide. Optima delivers advances to the hotel industry with a system designed by hotel professionals.

  • Two way Real Time online bookings integration with the leading international sales channels
  • Effective & dynamic revenue management tools
  • High level of control on all activities throughout the hotel
  • Implementation of advance tools for management to provide high standards of service for hotel guests
  • A vast array of modules, that will benefit the hotel business and increase revenue


1.Property Management System

Optima Hotel Property Management System is the complete reservations package. It places all the vital information needed for optimum operation at the manager’s fingertips. Optima PMS is a profitable marketing tool, as it captures a wide range of data needed to make the correct marketing decisions. Information analysis is simple, quick and precise, emphasizing revenues, budgets and yearly comparisons in combination with data of occupancy, segmentation and other guest information.


  • The distinguished PMS system is customer focussed. It comprises of a detailed guest profile and history which will ensure each guest is greeted with the same familiarity by all front of house personnel.
  • Optima PMS has the functionality to customise the guests stay with detailed defined packages and plans.
  • Optima PMS caters for both individuals and large groups, in a time saving process.
  • The dynamic tape chart provides a real time view of the hotels availability, bookings and room status.

2.Revenue & Yield Management

Optima’s cultured Revenue Management system is one of its major strengths. This is the practice of selling the right room, to the right client for the right price at the right time.


  • Revenue Management is one of the most important modules for the hotel system to maximise all potential profit.
  • This area is managed through the hotels own website & Global Online Channels which gives the hotel exposure to over 500,000 travel agents.

3.Two way Real Time online interface to all Global Connections

Optima Global Connection is a revolutionary two way real time online interface between Optima Property Management System to all Global Connections GDS (Global Distribution System) and IDS (Internet Distribution System ). This allows seamless integration between Optima Property Management System and the various global booking channels such as Booking.com, Expedia, HRS, Avvio, Siteminder and Net.Affinity among a host of others.


  • This interface enhances the control of distributing prices and availability to the channels, whilst simultaneously receiving all reservations directly to the hotels database.
  • The cost saving interface allows for personnel to update rates, inventory and restrictions across multiple third-party sites from a single platform with the same effort required to manage them in Optima Property Management System.
  • Optima Global Connections manages the contracted allocation agreement with the channels, automatically releasing the rooms for sale by the hotel once conditions are met.

4.Web & Mobile Interactive Booking Engine

Optima’s Web & Mobile Interactive Booking Engine is a two way real time connection between Optima Property Management System and the hotel’s home booking site.


  • Optima web booking engine is an on-line Internet booking system which allows direct access to the Optima Property Management System with no need for external interfaces. Hence optimising real time data obtained directly from the core of the information system.
  • Optima mobile booking engine offers complete freedom to make your reservations directly on your mobile device no matter where you are or what time of day it is. This smart feature is available on both Android and iPhone.

5.Optima Events, Conference & Banqueting

Optima Events, Conference & Banqueting Module shares the same database as the Optima Property Management System which provides seamless integration, enabling comprehensive management of the hotels events.


  • The Optima Events, Conferencing & Banqueting module combines the booking of both the hotel room and conference room under one reservation.
  • This combination of Optima Property Management System and Optima Events, Conference & Banqueting modules means integrated forecasting is available. It allows for the generation of one meal forecast for the hotel, this includes all meals of hotel guests and events participants. It is guaranteed to maximize revenue without compromising the customer’s experience.
  • The Optima Events, Conference & Banqueting module ensures that all relevant departments are prepared in advance prior to all hotel events.

6.Oscar Guest Service Center & Housekeeping

Oscar is a conceptual breakthrough in the managements approach to guest requests and queries.


  • Oscar continuously monitors the service provided for the duration of the guest’s stay. This enables the hotel to improve the guests experience, work effectively and efficiently, improving the overall internal organisational service procedures.
  • Oscar provides the hotel’s management team with tools and statistics to constantly measure the quality of service delivered.
  • Oscar is integrated with Optima Property Management System using one single image database with no interfaces.

7.Customer Relationship Management

Optima Customer Relationship Management gathers and manages information on hotel guests, travel agents and companies, market segments, groups and sources of business.


  • The CRM database collects information about the guests including demographic information (Email, phone numbers, dates of birth, anniversaries, etc.), hotel preferences personal preferences and culinary preferences, details of their reservations at the hotel, statistics on revenues and the guests’ interests, providing an overall picture about the guest’s behaviours and preferences.

8.Extensive Intelligent Reporting

The Extensive Intelligent Reporting module comprises of a large suite of drill down reports available in Optima; this also includes advanced report generators.


  • All information can be viewed on-line & displayed on KPI graphs.
  • Optima Snapshot Analytics utilises advanced icons and color-coding giving the managers an excellent overview of all hotel operations and allow them to maintain precise management controls.

9.Accounts Receivable

The Optima Accounts Receivable module is utilised when an invoice is closed in the Optima Front Office system for later payment, a record is automatically created in the Account Receivable.


  • All open invoices are recorded & managed in the Accounts Receivable module
  • Optima A/R will permit printing of the following: a summary of invoices, payment against summary or inividual invoices, part payment of an invoice, adjustments to invoices and summary and detailed aging reports with breakdown to current, 30 / 60 / 90 days.

10.Onetap Point of Sale

Onetap POS is fully integrated with Optima Property Management System and Optima Events using one single image database with no interfaces.


  • Room charges are done directly to the guests’ folios and charge details can be viewed from the Property Management System folios.
  • Preparation of inclusive package deals in the Optima Property Management System enables the Onetap POS to seamlessly cater for the allocation of the elements. This sophisticated feature allows the hotel staff in food and beverage outlets to concentrate solely on guest comfort and satisfaction.

11.Optima Manager on the Go – Available on all mobile devices

Optima Manager on the Go allows the user to remotely view the hotels availability for any day including percentage of occupancy, average rate, yield level, restrictions, remarks and pickup of the last 3 days.


  • It enables the sales personnel to make immediate decisions based on actual availability and real time information without the need to call the hotel for updated information.
  • It also allows the revenue manager to change the current Yield Level of the hotel. Such action will update all the prices at the hotel to meet the selected new level and automatically update all external sales channels connected to Optima.

12.Optima Go Green

This allows advance check-in which can be done on the Internet or Smart-phones up to 24 hours before arrival, avoids the need to print registration cards and speeds up the check-in process at the hotel.


  • Optima Go Green will display a guest folio on an external monitor, iPad, or similar device, instead of printing folio statement and an option to send invoices to guests or companies directly by email.

13.Optima Self Service

Guests have the freedom to complete their registration form, upgrade their room type with full or special price, select room features, purchase additional services and complete the check-in process by receiving their encoded keycard.

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