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JBM|MERIT have invested heavily in developing Ireland’s only web based back office. We work with the latest technology which future proofs our product. Merit Web allows multiple users open multiple windows on the product from any location, thus the retailer has access to the back office from whatever location they choose. All management tasks can be reviewed and implemented from any remote location giving 100% control of the outlet at all times. User permissions are available in accordance to retailers requirements. Cloud back up is available.


1.Drill down to product level profit and margin

The drill down to product level feature is displayed in a report or graphical format.
This is proven to improve efficiency and control throughout the store.

  • Easy to use, fast and effective to target key areas
  • Areas which require attention are highlighted
  • Access from anywhere
  • Incorporates budget margins

2.Merit Margin Management

A full range of fully exportable reports.

  • Extensive reporting suite for fast, reliable and effective management
  • Easy to use features to minimize back office tasks
  • Management of margins from the back office via the till
  • Improves stock control
  • Suite of promotional offerings to assist with the overall management of the store

3.Wireless Handheld

The wireless handheld facilities more valuable time on the shop floor.

  • Access to real time purchasing and goods inwards
  • Product history visibility
  • Live stock updating
  • Full product maintenance
  • Shelf edge labels
  • Newspaper and magazine deliveries and returns

4.Merit Stock Control

Mantain full live stock control which will maximise your margins and reduce overall shrinkage.

  • Electronic purchase ordering
  • Goods Inwards conversion from purchase order
  • Live stock count
  • Ability to upload stock figures to system
  • Extensive stock valuation and quantity reports

5.Merit Dashboard

A one stop interactive report that provides visibility to key business indicators on the one page.

  • A fast and effective tool that will enable the business owner to manage their business with the minimum of effort
  • Drill down functionality to investigate all aspects of data


Self service checkouts provides customers with a simple easy to use self scanning checkout system. It assists to reduce customer queues and also reduces cost, saving time and resources.

  • Reduces cost saving time and resources
  • Simplified process

7.Merit Accounts

An automatic integration with the following accounts packages.

Sage Line 50 and 200:

This is a complete accounting software package that provides retail businesses with a complete business software solution.

  • Management of cash flow and budgets
  • Monitors business performance to control and share information

Accounts IQ:

This accounting software enables the business to manage their entire accounting processes. It is a cloud accounting software system designed by accountants that allows multiple users access a common platform.

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