Merit EPOS

Merit POS – Simplicity

JBM|MERIT provide simple, fast and easy to use POS solutions. Our modular hardware allows a solution that suits the retailer’s needs and requirements. The systems intuitive touch screen and feature rich software, consisting of multiple functions, enable retailers to better manage their business in an effective and time saving manner. The system provides the ability to access the Merit Back Office directly via the till.


1.Merit Forecourt Manager

The Merit Forecourt Manager provides an effective and efficient solution for a busy forecourt environment. In addition to the back office and epos solution, the forecourt manager also facilitates:

  • DOMS fuel controller integration
  • Electronic tank gauges
  • Drive off management and CCTV integration
  • Codax car wash integration
  • Pre – pay on the pumps
  • Full suite of wetstock reports

2.Merit Loyalty

Merit Loyalty assists the retailer’s business to build a relationship with their customers

  • Increase customer alliances
  • Plan purchasing effectively
  • To provide a better understanding of the customers requirements and needs
  • Market store promotions via text, email or social media inevitably, customer loyalty will drive sales revenue for the business

3.Merit Third Party Integrations

We integrate with all third party facilities.

  • Chip and Pin including contactless
  • Fuel Cards
  • Deli and counter scales
  • Mobile Top ups and bill pay
  • Toll Roads Prepay
  • Cigarette Machine Integration

4.Merit Till Advertising

Through advances in our software and hardware development, we provide an in-store advertising solution at the point of sale, which will allow the customer to avail of promotions or special offers.

  • Drive impulse purchasing
  • Increase overall total spend & records the average customer spend
  • Provide community and store information to customers

5.Merit Off-Licence and Integrated Cigarette Vending

Both Merit Off-Licence and Integrated Cigarette Vending are strong features on your EPOS terminals.

  • Off Licence and integrated cigarette vending features are available on the system.
  • Reduction of shrinkage
  • Multi secure user controls ensures you are compliant with alcohol and tobacco sale legislation
  • Permits the sale of alcohol only during licensed hours

6.Merit Gift Voucher Management

Gift vouchers are available to the customer at the Point of Sale. This feature will assist to retain customers and improve loyalty.

  • Available in a simple and prompt manner at the checkout terminal
  • Operates from back office server
  • New voucher is issued if a credit amount remains upon payment of goods.
  • Expiry date can be extended
  • Full liability and sales reporting available on vouchers
  • Multiple store issuing, redemption and reconciliation with central database

7.Merit Operator Security

The Merit Operator Security function provides full tractability for all transactions.

  • A unique log in code with optional password
  • Full traceability for voiding, refunds, price checks, no sales etc
  • Option to enable and disable functionality as required
  • Prevention of an under 18 year old staff member to sell cigarettes and alcohol
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