Merit Business Intelligence

Merit Business Intelligence | Control

This impressive tool is currently used by businesses and franchises worldwide to assist them find new revenue opportunities. It identifies market trends, reduces costs, detects fraud and improves overall operational efficiencies. The ease of use via the visually rich dashboard graphics and charts will assist to improve overall business management.

Key Features of Merit Business Intelligence

  • Clear – Timely, accurate, relevant information in an easy to read format
  • Clever – More than just reports – Analysis is presented and ready for decision making to predict future outcomes with the ability to benchmark your business against others in the industry
  • Easy – Point and click business tools which will automatically analyse sales data directly from your POS and combine it with other data sources to make effective decision making easy
  • Fast – No hardware/software requirements or desktop applications to install
  • Flexible – User-privileges and custom dashboards display only relevant information to each user
  • Secure – Delivered by a secure encrypted internet connection
  • Multi Level – A summary of dashboards available, with the ability to zoom into specific stores or trends to receive as much detail as possible
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