Business Intelligence Reports

1.Business Intelligence Module

The Business Intelligence Module is an incredibly smart and easy to use tool, developed specifically for the hospitality industry. Accurate and extensive suite of reports are available to view business KPI’s


  • The Business Intelligence module is used by businesses and franchises worldwide to help them find new revenue opportunities, identify market trends, reduce costs, detect fraud and improve overall operational efficiencies.
  • All reports are fully exportable for easy access.
  • These reports will provide you with information on areas throughout your business which in turn will assist you to improve the overall performance of the business, best sellers, popular tables etc
  • Access and analyse historical data at any time.
  • Clock in and out availability which ensures accurate time and attendance records and also keeps track of staff movements. The ability to integrate with your payroll is also available.
  • Section revenue analysis

2.Cloud Reporting

Cloud reporting feature permits you to access your business information securely online through any browser from any location. It enables you to make real time business decisions based on real time insights.

  • Key metrics to your business performance are displayed on a clear and concise dashboard.
  • Analyse your sales trends, employee’s productivity level, average spends at individual store level and at head office level.
  • Download to excel or output to PDF.
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