Property Management System

Optima Hotel Property Management System places all the vital information needed for optimum operation at the manager’s fingertips. All information can be viewed on-line, printed in a large variety of reports or shown on graphs. Advanced icons and color-coding give the managers an excellent overview of all hotel operations and allow them to maintain precise management controls.

It is a profitable marketing tool, as it captures a wide range of data needed to make the correct marketing analysis. Information analysis is simple, quick and precise, emphasizing revenues, budgets and yearly comparisons in combination with data of occupancy, segmentation and other guest information.

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Optima CRM

Optima CRM gathers and manages information on hotel guests, travel agents and companies, market segments, groups and sources of business.

The CRM database collects information about the guests including demographic information (Email, phone numbers, dates of birth, anniversaries, etc.), hotel preferences personal preferences and culinary preferences, details of their reservations at the hotel, statistics on revenues and the guests’ interests, drawing an overall picture about the guest’s behaviors and preferences.

Onetap Point Of Sale

Onetap POS is an advanced computerized system for restaurants, coffee shops, fast food counters, pubs, shops and other hotel outlets. Onetap POS produces a solution for all managerial needs such as cash register management, printing job orders to the different food preparation sites (kitchens), price management and price equivalents.

Onetap POS is fully integrated with Optima PMS and Optima Events using one single image database with no interfaces and no breakpoint. Room charges are done directly to the guests’ folios and charge details can be viewed from the PMS folios.

Optima Global Connection

Optima Global Connection is a revolutionary interface between Optima PMS to the GDS and IDS channels allowing seamless integration between Optima PMS and the various global booking channels.

This integration enhances the control on distributed prices and availability while receiving all reservations from these channels directly to the hotels’ database.

Interface to the GDS

Optima Interface to the GDS allows you to update rates, inventory and restrictions across multiple third-party sites from a single platform. You can manage all the GDS and third party web sites with the same effort required to manage them in your own PMS.

Optima PMS combines the expertise in channel management connection technology with extensive knowledge of hotel business processes that provide the leading on line distribution solution that fits your hotel needs.

Interface to IDS

Optima automates the exchange of booking information with various global booking web sites.

Optima exchanges rates, restrictions and inventory information on line, retrieves bookings and booking updates and inserts them automatically into the PMS.

This automatic process saves the costly resource required to maintain rates in
several systems and manually input reservations received via fax or email and saves the charges of a intermediate third party between the PMS and the booking site.

Optima Interactive Booking Engine

Optima Interactive Booking Engine is a real time two way interface between Optima PMS and the hotel’s Web booking site.

The Optima Booking Engine is a .NET based, on-line Internet booking system allowing direct (though limited) Internet access to the hotel’s Information System and database, with no need for external interfaces, for optimal usage of real time data obtained directly from the core of the information system.

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Optima Mobile Booking Engine

Optima mobile booking engine offers complete freedom to make your reservations directly on your mobile device no matter where you are or what time of day it is.

The Mobile booking engine supports any Smartphone including iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Android, Samsung and others and is adjusted to meet the needs of businessmen as well as city travelers allowing fast and mobile-phone friendly booking process.

Customized Professional Hotel Website

Optima web site content management system (HWS/CMS), is a web based application administrating the hotel home site on the Internet. It is part of a complete web site management solution.

HWS/CMS manages all the information of the hotel, published on the hotel web site, including general information, rooms’ description, restaurants and bars, attractions in the hotel and other services given by the hotel.

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Optima Events & Catering

Optima Events works under open architecture and is built both as a standalone system and as a module inside the Optima PMS. The module handles the processes of catering, banqueting, events and conferences integrated with all the functions of the Optima Property Management System.

The exceptionality of this module is the integration between room reservations, meals and conference rooms included in one congress booking.

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Optima Service Center

Optima Service Center – Oscar, is a conceptual breakthrough in management approach to guests’ requests and complaints. By continually monitoring of guest service, Oscar enables the hotel to improve guest service, work elegantly and efficiently and to improve internal organizational service procedures.

Oscar provides the hotel’s management with tools and statistics to constantly measure the quality of service delivered. Oscar is integrated with Optima PMS using one single image database with no interfaces and no breakpoint.

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Optima Go Green

The Optima Go Green solution includes: Optima Green Check In – advance check in that can be done on the Internet or Smart-phones up to 24 hours before arrival, avoids the need to print registration cards and speeds up the checkin process at the hotel.

Optima Green Check Out – display of guest folio on an external monitor, iPad, or similar device, instead of printing folio statement and an option to send invoices to guests or companies directly by email.

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Optima Self Service

Optima Express Checkin process allows guests to complete their registration form, upgrade their room type with full or special price, select room features such as non smoking or king size bed, purchase additional services such as parking or newspaper and complete the checkin process by receiving their encoded keycard.

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Optima Additional Features

Accounts Receivable (City Ledger) When an invoice is closed in the Optima Front Office system for later payment, a record is automatically created in the Account Receivable – Optima A/R module for the particular agent with all relevant details such as amount, guest name, due date etc.

Payments by agents are against specific open invoices allowing full tracking of open amounts. Optima A/R allows printing of Summaries of invoices, payment against summary or individual invoices, part payment of invoices, adjustments to invoices and summary and detailed aging reports with breakdown to current,30,60,90 days.

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