Onetap Point Of Sale System

Onetap is a simple, fast and efficient Point of Sale (POS) system for managing your restaurant, cafe, bar, or venue. With more than 17 years of development, this system is fully featured to ensure you can manage your business, save time, reduce staff mistakes and save on labour costs. The intuitive touch screen is simple to use. With a tap on the screen, orders are cashed off and sent to your barista, bar and kitchen staff. This leaves your staff to focus on service, while you can relax knowing your business is running seamlessly and professionally.


Onetap handheld software is the professional paper-free way to take food and drinks orders. This software for hand-held and tablet devices has been designed and developed specifically for the hospitality industry.

At the touch of a screen orders are recorded and processed straight to the kitchen and bar from the waiting staff’s hand-held or tablet ordering device.

Increase the speed of your orders

  • Increase time spent with customers
  • Cut labour costs
  • Decrease kitchen traffic
  • Print receipt from handhelds
  • Making sure everything ordered is billed and paid for
  • Round Repeat


This brilliant and simple to use application facilitates our customers to access vital sales information from anywhere at any time instantly for one or multiple sites. This application provides our customers with an immediate and unique competitive edge.


Quick Sales







Online Ordering and Mobile Phone Ordering takes the pain, effort and related costs out of offering online ordering to your customers. Online and Mobile Phone ordering provides a simplified way for your business to serve customers placing orders from beyond the walls of your current locations. No more busy phone lines.

It is possible for a customer to order at any time during the day and state where and what time they want their food delivered. It’s just simple and brilliant. The customer’s order is printed directly in to the kitchen of the customer’s selected outlet and the chef sees it as a normal order. No more delays.


Say goodbye to the plastic! DitchMYCard™ allows your customers to load their loyalty card directly onto their iPhone or Android smartphone for an enhanced user experience and integrates directly with leading loyalty management platforms. Harnessing the power of DitchMYCard™ allows your customers to effortlessly:

  • Check their points / credit balance.
  • View past transactions.
  • Top-up credit (where applicable).
  • View and receive store deals and promotions in real-time.

DitchMYCard™ provides the ideal platform to keep in touch with customers by alerting them of upcoming promotions and providing an interactive call to action to encourage repeat purchases.


Onetap has a full food and beverage recipe based inventory control system that fully automates the process of managing stock. Reports such as Gross Profit, Stock Take, Usage, Stock Levels, Re-ordering are included.

Accurate costing and recipe creation assist all our clients to achieve a maximum profit margin with reduction in waste. Helpful tools such as minimum and maximum re-order levels assist you to manage your ordering process and maintain correct stock levels. Onetap provides a simple and easy to use stock taking process which assists you to highlight product variance and all usage quickly. This will in return give you accurate, actual Gross Profit reporting. In turn this quickly highlights any problematic areas. At the touch of a button you will be able to see your stock valuation at both cost and retail.

The current stock movement report will guide you to up to date stock levels and how they have been achieved, i.e. opening stock, purchases, transfers, sales and waste. Complete analysis of Food and Drink Sales in a Multi Bar environments “Powerful yet Simple to use”


Onetap HQ was developed  for our customers with multiple store locations, we have developed head office software that centrally manages all outlets from central location.
This software has made multi store management easier and more efficent.
Onetap HQ allows all control from one location and at the same time, gives management up to date information on their overall performance.
Some of the key features of our head office software include:

  • Central Product Maintenance
  • Central Price Control
  • Capability for managing different pricing/product mix in different locations
  • Central Customer Control
  • Management of Accounts by Branch
  • Central loyalty and marketing managment
  • Central gift voucher management
  •  Head office reporting suite


OneTap BI is an incredibly smart and easy to use online business intelligence tool, developed specifically for the retail industry. For less than the price of a coffee a day, it automatically analyses sales data directly from your POS and combines it with other data sources such as staff rosters, inventory and budgets to make effective decision making easy.

OneTap BI is already used by businesses and franchises worldwide to help them find new revenue opportunities, identify market trends, reduce costs, detect fraud and improve overall operational efficiencies.

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